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AMATE is a social brand that promotes Mexican craftsmanship and culture by sourcing, showcasing and selling genuine handcrafts and handmade clothing produced by Mexican artisans.

THE NAME amate comes from an artisan paper made in Mexico out of bark since pre Hispanic times; its name derives from the Nahuatl āmatl, and was originally used to create codices. Today this paper is made in the states of Puebla, Veracruz and Hidalgo, and is popularly sold with brightly coloured Otomi drawings, but also as many other handcrafts.

Amate also means "love yourself" in Spanish (ámate), which we feel also has a deep connection to our work, as we try to highlight, preserve and promote the importance of our culture's roots and handcrafts, by sharing this loving passion with our customers.

WHAT WE DO At AMATE, we carefully curate artisan pieces that represent Mexico’s heritage. In our showroom we showcase a variety of items, from traditional pottery, to leather accessories and beautiful textiles. All have been created using traditional techniques from different ethnic communities around the country.

OUR OBJECTIVES One of our main objectives is to promote Mexican culture and craftsmanship, but to also encourage conscious and sustainable purchasing habits, where we look for quality and longevity in our pieces. As we aim to credit the artisans for their varied skills and cultural knowledge, each of our pieces tells us about the maker, and the journey made to create such precious works. Sharing the background story of all our pieces is a fundamental aspect to AMATE’s mission.

OUR GOALS Ethical and sustainable consumption has been a key driver for AMATE, and our goal is to source well curated pieces from artisans, workshops and cooperatives that share our views. It is important to know that we are not only sourcing unique items, but that we value the artisans as much as their work. Craftsmanship doesn’t only involve talent, but also knowledge, experience and an incredibly hard working spirit, and it’s crucial that we share this with our customers.

We believe that going back to basics, where the small imperfections matter, is a great way to honour the beauty of craftsmanship.

OUR FOUNDER is originally from Mexico City but has lived in the UK for over thirteen years. Having visited many corners of Mexico's magical towns as a child, and travelled around the country as an adult too, Inhara realised how important it was to share Mexico's talent and beautiful hand crafts with the world.

Passionate about textiles and craftsmanship, she handpicks all our pieces to ensure not only their quality, but also that of the artisans' working conditions. By working closely with the people we source our pieces from, Inhara can guarantee that the work we do is beneficial to everyone involved in our trade.